Poetic theft

Charles Masner’s Poetic Theft takes on the perennial subjects of poetry: beginnings and endings, love and death, beauty and war. From short, pithy poems to longer prose pieces, Masner confronts life’s biggest questions with wit, grace, and unflinching emotional directness. “You must remember the moon,” he writes, “because the moon will not remember you.” Poetic Theft is a lively, generous book.

  • John Brehm, author of Help Is on the Way

Masner is a writer of mystery and of vitality. Curious about the world, he looks for words that might authentically capture pieces of it: “There must be some word for stars. / Some word other than diamonds.” Accordingly, this ambitious collection of poetry and prose runs the gamut from busted marriages to redemptive seductions, from car wrecks to summer dresses, from weddings to whiskey, from burger joints to hospitals, always attentive to love and sorrow. Masner presents these scenes of his own life and the lives of others and thereby conjures a rich, full creation.

  • David J. Rothman, Resident Poet, Colorado Public Radio