Lost in the Canyon

There must be some word for stars.
Some word other than diamonds.
Some metaphor for the unknown
light year destinations and
the unknown light year journeys
we will never take.

In the canyon on my back I let my
human eyes rest from north to south
and east to west across the vast
blackness of the universe where
from my most humble of views sparkled
light that had travelled through so
much time not to reach me -
but just to travel
because travel is what light does.

So many eyes over so many human years
having looked toward those same lights
in that same universe
with so much thought
and so much wonder.

I heard the river.
I tasted whiskey.
The night’s breath
was bitter and sweet.

My blanket was warm.
My belly was full.
I closed my eyes
and I went to sleep.

Death will someday come to me
and it will bring to me more revelation
or I shall return to the unknowing night.
Until then I will grieve for
those I love who die before me.

Until then, God or no God –
there is the worship of wonder.