Reapin' and Sowin'

It was one of those mom and pop joints with
greasy burgers and fries
and eggs and hash browns
and specials twice a day.
Redneck farm boys were smokin' Winston's.
They talked about rain and no rain
and the ass of Marlene
and custom cutters
and cold beer
and how it might be nice to be like them cutters
and get a little pussy somewheres else
instead of bangin' Carol or Cathy or Becky
or some other local daddy's girl -
and startin' in Texas and goin' to Canada.
It was June in Kansas and the day had been warm
and they couldn't wait for the shower
and to get started on whiskey and cold beer
and so they took their burgers and fries to go.
And Marlene's boy Johnny just keep lookin' at 'em
and wantin' to be like 'em - all ten years of him
with his mom on a Saturday night
his daddy a custom cutter himself
who had already passed through.